MILA is the result
of the agreement between the Exchanges and Depositories of
Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

The Latin American Integrated Market (MILA) is the result of an agreement signed by the Santiago Stock Exchange, the Colombia Stock Exchange and the Lima Stock Exchange, along with the CSDs Deceval, DCV and Cavali, who in 2009 started the process of setting up a regional market to trade equities from the three countries.

After several months of working together, in which the main actors from all three markets and government authorities of each country played an important role, MILA began operating on May 30th, 2011; thereby opening up a world of opportunities for investors and brokers from Chile, Colombia and Peru, who can now purchase and sell shares from the three stock markets through a local broker.

In June 2014, within the framework of a meeting of the Pacific Alliance, Mexican Stock Exchange and INDEVAL officially joined MILA, making the first transaction with this market, December 2, 2014.

September 8 2009

An Agreement of Intention is signed between Santiago Exchange, Colombia Stock Exchange, Lima Stock Exchange, DCV; CAVALI and DECEVAL, to define a model of integration of equity markets.

June 8 2010

the definitive Agreement is signed between the institutions to implement the Integrated Market.

May 30 2011

the first transaction is made in the Latin Integrated Market with Bourses and Depositories of Chile, Colombia and Peru.

July 2011

MILA indices launched in partnership with S&P Dow Jones Indices highlighting the benchmark index S&P MILA Andean 40.

June 24 2013

International MILA Day event takes place in New York, which congregated MILA representatives, authorities and investors.

December 2013

The largest amount of transactions recorded in MILA infrastructure, totaling monthly amounts of over USD $ 95 million.

July 31 2014

MILA Pacific Alliance Indeces created with S&P, including for the first time the Mexican market.

August 21 2014

Model for MILA IPOs in Chile is reported, where a foreign investor could participate in a public offering in Chile.

October 6 2014

Chilean regulator, exempts the obligation of inscription of foreign securities as part of MILA, providing an easier listing process.

December 2 2014

Incorporation of Mexican Stock Exchange and INDEVAL materialized with the first transaction of GBM Mexico on a Chilean issuer.

December 22 2014

Global custodian’s incorporation process in MILA started with regulatory changes in Chile.

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