The coordination of the Latin American Integrated Market is run by an Executive Committee that defines MILA’s Strategic Planning. This planning is carried out by four working sub-committees handling commercial, legal, operational and technological issues. MILA is coordinated by the Secretariat.

MILA’s Executive Committee
Heads of working Committees & MILA Secretary
José Antonio Martínez Zugarramurdi Gerente General de Bolsa de Santiago
Juan Pablo Córdoba Garcés CEO Colombia Stock Exchange
Pedro Zorilla Velasco CEO Mexican Stock Exchange
Francis Stenning de Lavalle CEO Lima Stock Exchange
Fernando Yáñez González CEO Depósito Central de Valores
Jorge Hernán Jaramillo Ossa CEO DECEVAL
Víctor Sánchez Azañero CEO de CAVALI
Lucy Pamboukdjian Costa Head of MILA's Commercial Committee
Mónica Vergara Torres Head of MILA's Legal Committee
Claudio Arciniega Luces Head of MILA's Operations Committee
Jimmy Chung Head of MILA's Technological Committee
Felipe Pezo Riquelme MILA Secretary
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